Welcome to Window on the World, collection of my travel photos and stories from around the world.

My name is Devesh Patel. I recently (Jun 2017) retired early from career in software. Now, I spend my time doing what I love––traveling around the world, experiencing local culture, and trying out local cuisine and drink. So far, I’ve been to 109 countries and counting.

If you are interested in exploring our wonderful world through photographs, you’ve come to the right place. All photos in this site are taken by me during my travels.

I started this project in Mid-April 2020, during lock-down because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As of Feb 1, 2021 this site has 4,853 photos in 237 Posts about 63 Countries/Regions. The speed at I am going, it will take at least three years to add all 109 countries in this site. Meanwhile, I am hoping to explore few more new countries too. So, keep checking this site frequently for new travel stories and photos.

As I have been to 109 countries, It’s not easy to list all of them on one page. Explore them by selecting a Continent or Special Interest Section or View countries visited by Year

NOTE: As this Website has thousands of Photos, you will have better experience if you view it on a larger screen like Tablet/iPad/Laptop/PC; Mobile phone doesn’t provide the same justice.


South America- Coming Soon

Special Interest Section: During my travel I visited many places with common theme, so decided to group those places in one post for easier access.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Festivals Around the World
Exploring the Ancient Silk Road
Twelve days in The Pamir

Special Interest Posts; I am passionate about taking sunset/sunrise pictures and trying local beer and other alcoholic drinks from the place I visit. Check out my posts below to view photos of sunset/Sunrise and Drinks from around the world. Also there are posts with love locks around the world and KM 0 landmarks around the world.

Sunrise/Sunset from around the world
Drinks from around the world
Love Locks from around the world
KM 0 Landmarks from around the world
Manhole Covers from around the World.

Countries Visited by Year: Select a year to view photos and read travel stories from the countries I visited during that year.


Recent posts


Stories and Photos from my travels around Canada.


Stories and Photos from the countries I visited during the year 2006.


Stories and Photos from my travels around Mexico.

Costa Rica

Stories and Photos from my travels around Costa Rica.


Stories and Photos from my travels to Rotan Island, Honduras.


Stories and Photos from the countries I visited during the year 2007.


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