Stories and Photos of drinks I enjoyed during my travel around the world.

Destination 》Drinks


I travel to experience unique culture around the world. Every country and culture has it’s own drinks. This section lists drinks I enjoyed from around the world, in random order.

2019-July-Almaty, Kazakhstan:
Kumys (Kumis,Koumiss) is the traditional beverage of the Kyrgyz, Mongols and Kazakhs.It is made from fermented mare’s milk.
2019 – Aug – Issyk-Kul, Kyrguzstan:
Arpa, one of the most popular beer in Kyrgyzstan
2019 – Sep – Tashkent, Uzbekistan:
Dispensing beer into a plastic bottles is a common sight all over FSU (former soviet union) countries
2019 – Sep – Bukhara, Uzbekistan:
Sarbast one of the most popular beer in Uzbekistan
2019 – Aug – Osh, Kyrgyzstan:
Kyrgyz Aragy, one of the smoothest vodka of Kyrgyzstan
2019 – Aug – Ishkoshim, Tajikistan:
The shop in the town had only one brand of the Tajik beer. It was refreshing though.

2019 – Aug – Langar, Tajikistan: Interesting wine label , not sure about alcohol content, could be 13% to 16%, also not sure about volume, could be any where between 700ml to 750ml
2019 – Aug – Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Sharing Tajik Vodka and stories from the Pamirs.
2019 – Jul – Zamin-Uud, Mongolia. Bought these two cans for an overnight train journey from Zamin-Uud to UlaanBaatar.
2019 – Jul – the Khogno Khan National Park, Mongolia. Golden Gobi beer in the Mini Gobi Desert.
2019 – Jul – Modern Nomads, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This upscale Mongolian restaurant brews its own beer.
2019 – Jul – UlaanBaatar, Mongolia. The capital city has many breweries serving refreshing Draft beers.
2019 – July – The Lake Khuvsgul National Park, Mongolia. A Mongolian Vodka during rainy and cold weather.
2014 – Jun – The Korean DMZ, South Korea. Korean traditional cuisine with Soju, a Korean alcoholic beverage, traditionally made from rice.

2014 – Jun – Seoul, South Korea.
2019 – Apr – Taipei, Taiwan. The Taiwan Beer, only choice I could find in Taipei.

2019 – Apr – LaLaShan, Taiwan. A local Baijiu, a rice wine.
2018 – Mar – Malealea, Lesotho. The lady is pouring Umqombothi, a home-brewed Lesotho Beer.
2018 – Oct – Tunis, Tunisia. Celebrating 100th country.
2014 – Oct – Cairo, Egypt. Drinks with local friends at Mukattam hills overlooking the city of Cairo
2014 – Oct – Cairo, Egypt. At the executive lounge of J.W. Marriott Cairo
2019 – Mar – Busia, Kenya. A border town near Uganda.
2019 – Mar – Lake Victoria, Kenya
2019 – Mar – Kisumu, Kenya. Enjoying beer at the Equator.
2018 – Jun – Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 – Jun – Tbilisi, Georgia. Draft Dark Beer with Lobio, a traditional Georgian dish of baked beans
2018 – Jun – Tbilisi, Georgia. Having a cold one with my Georgian friend at local micro-brewery.
2018 – Jun – Sighnaghi, Georgia. ChaCha, a Georgian home-made Moonshine.
2018 – Jun – Kakheti, Georgia. Wine tasting tour in Georgia’s wine-producing region.
2018 – Jul – Lake Sevan, Armenia. Kilikia, My Favorite Armenian Beer, at the Lake Sevan
2018 – Jul – Yerevan, Armenia.
2018 – Jul – Yerevan, Armenia. Zoom-In, Armenians make wine from almost every fruit.
2018 – Jul – Minsk, Belarus. Enjoying beer with my local doctor friend.
2018 – Jul – Minsk, Belarus. Two happy man with big bottle of home-made Calvados.
2018 – Jul – Zaslawye, Belarus. This was the first time a saw a wine/liquor shop, that will fill up drink of your choice in vacuum sealed plastic bottle.
2018 – Jul – Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a cold one with my Ukrainian friend in Podil old town of Kyiv.
2018 – Jul – Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a cold one with my Ukrainian friend in Podil old town of Kyiv.
2018 – Jul – Lviv, Ukraine. Freshly brewed beer with homemade sausages and some fixings.
2018 – Jul – Lviv, Ukraine. Piana Vyshnia, Drunk Cherry in English, a Cherry liqueur served cold with more soaked cherries inside.
2018 – Aug – Odesa, Ukraine. Drinks with my local friend at one of the newly opened restaurant on Derybasivska Street.
2019 – Mar – Busia, Kenya. Beer with my younger brother at a border town near Uganda.
2018 – Aug – Odesa, Ukraine. A chilled kvass at the black sea. Arcadia, the party beach of Odesa.
2018 – Aug – Chişinău, Moldova. One of the most popular wine of Moldova.
2018 – Aug – Iași, Romania. A Belgian pilsner in Romania.

2018 – Aug – Brașov, Romania. An Indian (Gujju) American friend, when I met her, she was on the road for last 4+ years. As we both were backpacking through the Balkans, met her again in Bulgaria and Albania.
2018 – Aug – Brașov, Romania. A chilled Turkish beer at Strada Republicii, old own of Brașov.
2015 – Dec – Brașov, Romania. Vin Fiert, Mulled wine, Warm red wine mixed with various mulling spices. Best cure for a cold weather.
2018 – Aug – Sighișoara, Romania. Enjoying Transylvanian born beer Silva with freshly baked pizza over-looking Sighișoara city square.
2015 – Feb – Budapest, Hungary. Forralt Bor, Mulled wine, an inextricable part of winter in Hungary. Every family and vendor has its own recipe for forralt bor.
2009 – Dec – Prague, Czech Republic. Flekovský ležák 13°, a dark lager brewed on the premises at U Fleků, a pub and brewery, founded in 1499, the only brewery in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years.
2009 – Dec – Prague, Czech Republic. X33 beer, ferments for 200 days in oak barrels. With 12.6% Alcohol it’s claimed to be the strongest beer in the world!
2009 – Dec – Prague, Czech Republic. Enjoying X33, the strongest beer in the world at U Medvidku Beer Hall, Originally founded in 1466.

2015 – Jan – Hong Kong. Hoegaarden, my favorite beer, enjoying Hong Kong’s night life with my friend.
2018 – Aug – Sofia, Bulgaria. Brewed in Sofia, very refreshing Bulgarian Beer.

2018 – Aug – Sofia, Bulgaria. Chilled Shumensko Draught Beer, from the second oldest brewery in Bulgaria, founded in 1882.
2018 – Aug – Veliko Târnovo, Bulgaria. Lunch with a view and cold beers.
2018 – Aug – Veliko Târnovo, Bulgaria. Zagorka, a Bulgarian beer brand from the city of Stara Zagora.
2018 – Aug – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Kamenitza , a Bulgarian beer, the brewery established in 1881, is based in the city of Plovdiv.
2018 – Aug – Belgrade, Serbia. Zaječarsko, brewed since 1875, the most loved beer in Serbia. Raul decided to enjoy local home-made lemonade.
2018 – Sep – Novi Sad, Serbia. Raul’s first time drinking the Original Budweiser from the Czech Republic.
2018 – Sep – Novi Sad, Serbia. Rakija (Rakia), fruit brandy popular in the Balkans, each family has their own recipe. Following local tradition; our local friend said her Grandpa used to take a shot of Rakija every morning before cup of coffee.
2018 – Sep – Leskovac, Serbia. Drinking beer with my Host at his home.
2018 – Sep – Pristina, Kosovo. A Monastery beer, brewed by monks at the Serbian Monasteries. In the backdrop is the Gračanica (Grachanista) Monastery, built during 1313–21, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
2018 – Sep – Pristina, Kosovo. After long day of travel, Raul and I are enjoying Grembeer, a German beer, brewed in Kosovo.
2018 – Sep – Pristina, Kosovo. Exploring Pristina’s nightlife and having drinks with Raul, a Local Kosovar friend and Gujju-American friend, to whom I was meeting for the third time in three different countries (Romania, Bulgaria and Kosovo), will meet her again one more time in Albania.
2018 – Sep – Peja, Kosovo. Rakija (Raki) made by monks of Patriarchate of Peć Monastery.
2018 – Sep – Peja, Kosovo. Peja beer at Bogë, a small mountainous village in Rugova Vallery of the Albanian Alps mountain range, near the city of Peja.
2018 – Sep – Prizren, Kosovo. A beer with a view overlooking the old town of Prizren.
2018 – Sep – Skopje, North Macedonia. Skopsko, the most popular beer with 64% of the market in North Macedonia.
2018 – Sep – Ohrid, North Macedonia. Skopsko, the most popular Beer of North Macedonia, with Beautiful view of Lake Ohrid.
2018 – Sep – Bitola, Ohrid, North Macedonia. Bitolsko (Битолско), locally brewed beer in Bitola.
2018 – Sep – Thessaloniki, Greece. Original Greek Alfa Beer, while Raul is catching up on his messages.
2018 – Sep – Thessaloniki, Greece. Weiss Beers of Greece, Vergina and Alfa, both were refreshing.
2018 – Sep – Athens, Greece. After a full day of walking, enjoying Mythos, a Greek lager beer with Raul.
2018 – Sep – Paros, Greece. House Wine with delicious vegetarian Greek dinner at one of many beach side restaurants.
2018 – Sept – Saranda, Albania. Birra Elbar, an Albanian Beer at the Ksamil Beach over looking the Ionian Sea.
2018 – Sept – Saranda, Albania. Birra Kaon, an Albanian Beer, celebrating Albania as Raul’s 25th Country at the Blue Eye of Albania.
2018 – Oct – Kotor, Montenegro. Raul and I enjoying drinks with my friend from China and her friends.
2018 – Oct – Kotor, Montenegro. Nikšićko Pivo, very refreshing beer from the largest brewery in Montenegro.
2018 – Oct – Kotor, Montenegro. Beer and Lunch time with Raul.
2018 – Oct – Dubrovnik, Croatia. Karlovačko, one of the most popular beer in Croatia.
2018 – Oct – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostarsko Pivo, a local Pilsner beer by Hercegovačka Pivovara, a local brewery.
2018 – Oct – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Indian vegetarian cuisine with Sarajevski beer from Sarajevska pivara, a Sarajevo brewing company founded in 1864.
2018 – Oct – Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nektar Pivo, a Lager Beer brewed by Banjalučka Pivara or Banja Luka Brewery founded in 1873.
2011 – Sep – Wroclaw, Poland. The most popular Beer in Poland.

By Window on The World

In May 2017, 23 days before I was going to complete 50 years, grabbed an opportunity and took an early retirement.. Picked up a backpack and traveling ever since.. Love to travel around the world, experience different culture, local cuisine & drinks .. and take pictures.. so far been to 108 countries and still counting...

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