Stories and Photos of drinks I enjoyed during my travel around the world.

Destination 》Drinks


I travel to experience unique culture around the world. Every country and culture has it’s own drinks. This section lists drinks I enjoyed from around the world, in random order.

2019-July-Almaty, Kazakhstan:
Kumys (Kumis,Koumiss) is the traditional beverage of the Kyrgyz, Mongols and Kazakhs.It is made from fermented mare’s milk.
2019 – Aug – Issyk-Kul, Kyrguzstan:
Arpa, one of the most popular beer in Kyrgyzstan
2019 – Sep – Tashkent, Uzbekistan:
Dispensing beer into a plastic bottles is a common sight all over FSU (former soviet union) countries
2019 – Sep – Bukhara, Uzbekistan:
Sarbast one of the most popular beer in Uzbekistan
2019 – Aug – Osh, Kyrgyzstan:
Kyrgyz Aragy, one of the smoothest vodka of Kyrgyzstan
2019 – Aug – Ishkoshim, Tajikistan:
The shop in the town had only one brand of the Tajik beer. It was refreshing though.

2019 – Aug – Langar, Tajikistan: Interesting wine label , not sure about alcohol content, could be 13% to 16%, also not sure about volume, could be any where between 700ml to 750ml
2019 – Aug – Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Sharing Tajik Vodka and stories from the Pamirs.
2019 – Jul – Zamin-Uud, Mongolia. Bought these two cans for an overnight train journey from Zamin-Uud to UlaanBaatar.
2019 – Jul – the Khogno Khan National Park, Mongolia. Golden Gobi beer in the Mini Gobi Desert.
2019 – Jul – Modern Nomads, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This upscale Mongolian restaurant brews its own beer.
2019 – Jul – UlaanBaatar, Mongolia. The capital city has many breweries serving refreshing Draft beers.
2019 – July – The Lake Khuvsgul National Park, Mongolia. A Mongolian Vodka during rainy and cold weather.
2014 – Jun – The Korean DMZ, South Korea. Korean traditional cuisine with Soju, a Korean alcoholic beverage, traditionally made from rice.

2014 – Jun – Seoul, South Korea.
2019 – Apr – Taipei, Taiwan. The Taiwan Beer, only choice I could find in Taipei.

2019 – Apr – LaLaShan, Taiwan. A local Baijiu, a rice wine.
2018 – Mar – Malealea, Lesotho. The lady is pouring Umqombothi, a home-brewed Lesotho Beer.
2018 – Oct – Tunis, Tunisia. Celebrating 100th country.
2014 – Oct – Cairo, Egypt. Drinks with local friends at Mukattam hills overlooking the city of Cairo
2014 – Oct – Cairo, Egypt. At the executive lounge of J.W. Marriott Cairo
2019 – Mar – Busia, Kenya. A border town near Uganda.
2019 – Mar – Lake Victoria, Kenya
2019 – Mar – Kisumu, Kenya. Enjoying beer at the Equator.
2018 – Jun – Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 – Jun – Tbilisi, Georgia. Draft Dark Beer with Lobio, a traditional Georgian dish of baked beans
2018 – Jun – Tbilisi, Georgia. Having a cold one with my Georgian friend at local micro-brewery.
2018 – Jun – Sighnaghi, Georgia. ChaCha, a Georgian home-made Moonshine.
2018 – Jun – Kakheti, Georgia. Wine tasting tour in Georgia’s wine-producing region.
2018 – Jul – Lake Sevan, Armenia. Kilikia, My Favorite Armenian Beer, at the Lake Sevan
2018 – Jul – Yerevan, Armenia.
2018 – Jul – Yerevan, Armenia. Zoom-In, Armenians make wine from almost every fruit.
2018 – Jul – Minsk, Belarus. Enjoying beer with my local doctor friend.
2018 – Jul – Minsk, Belarus. Two happy man with big bottle of home-made Calvados.
2018 – Jul – Zaslawye, Belarus. This was the first time a saw a wine/liquor shop, that will fill up drink of your choice in vacuum sealed plastic bottle.
2018 – Jul – Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a cold one with my Ukrainian friend in Podil old town of Kyiv.
2018 – Jul – Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a cold one with my Ukrainian friend in Podil old town of Kyiv.
2018 – Jul – Lviv, Ukraine. Freshly brewed beer with homemade sausages and some fixings.
2018 – Jul – Lviv, Ukraine. Piana Vyshnia, Drunk Cherry in English, a Cherry liqueur served cold with more soaked cherries inside.
2018 – Aug – Odesa, Ukraine. Drinks with my local friend at one of the newly opened restaurant on Derybasivska Street.
2019 – Mar – Busia, Kenya. Beer with my younger brother at a border town near Uganda.
2018 – Aug – Odesa, Ukraine. A chilled kvass at the black sea. Arcadia, the party beach of Odesa.
2018 – Aug – Chişinău, Moldova. One of the most popular wine of Moldova.
2018 – Aug – Iași, Romania. A Belgian pilsner in Romania.

2018 – Aug – Brașov, Romania. An Indian (Gujju) American friend, when I met her, she was on the road for last 4+ years. As we both were backpacking through the Balkans, met her again in Bulgaria and Albania.
2018 – Aug – Brașov, Romania. A chilled Turkish beer at Strada Republicii, old own of Brașov.
2015 – Dec – Brașov, Romania. Vin Fiert, Mulled wine, Warm red wine mixed with various mulling spices. Best cure for a cold weather.
2018 – Aug – Sighișoara, Romania. Enjoying Transylvanian born beer Silva with freshly baked pizza over-looking Sighișoara city square.
2015 – Feb – Budapest, Hungary. Forralt Bor, Mulled wine, an inextricable part of winter in Hungary. Every family and vendor has its own recipe for forralt bor.

By Window on The World

In May 2017, 23 days before I was going to complete 50 years, grabbed an opportunity and took an early retirement.. Picked up a backpack and traveling ever since.. Love to travel around the world, experience different culture, local cuisine & drinks .. and take pictures.. so far been to 108 countries and still counting...

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