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Stories and Photos from the countries I visited during the year 2014.

Destination 》2014

Below is the list of countries I visited during the year 2014, Click on any country to view my travel photos and stories.

South Korea

South Korea, the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, shares one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. It’s equally known for its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples, its coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and high-tech cities.


Egypt has one of the longest histories of any country, tracing its heritage back to the 6th–4th millennia BCE. Considered a cradle of civilization. Ancient Egypt saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, urbanization, organised religion and central government.

By Window on The World

In May 2017, 23 days before I was going to complete 50 years, grabbed an opportunity and took an early retirement.. Picked up a backpack and traveling ever since.. Love to travel around the world, experience different culture, local cuisine & drinks .. and take pictures.. so far been to 108 countries and still counting...