World Festivals

Stories and Photos from my travels to festivals around the world

Destination 》Festivals around the world


A festival is an event celebrated by a community. Festivals are a great way to experience a destination in a unique and different way; the same place could look & feel completely different with festive atmosphere. Festivals provides ultimate cultural experience.

The section below lists festivals from around the world that I experienced during my travels.

The Naadam Festival @ KharKhorin; 2019 – Jul

The Naadam is the most important national festival in Mongolia. It is a mixture between a State-fair and a competition of Nomadic games, where the best wrestlers, archers, and horsemen are crowned.

The Birds of Prey Festival @ Bokonbaevo; 2019 – Aug

The Birds of Prey Festival is organized for tourists by CBT Bokonbaevo, Kyrgyzstan. You will need to buy tickets to enter, The festival is still worth a visit if you are in the area during August, The festival contains demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle, folklore show, exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs, tasting of Kyrgyz cuisine.

Osh Fest @ Osh; 2019 – Aug

Osh Fest, is a festival hosted by Osh, Kyrgyzstan. The festival has full day of events celebrating the diversity, history and cultures of Osh. The day begins with a Silk Road caravan, complete with camels and yaks, that winds through the city streets. Then, the festival takes over at the city park with delicious food stands serving local Osh specialties, handicrafts, and folklore shows.

Raqs Sehri (Magic of Dance); 2019 – Sep

Khiva, Uzbekistan hosts the annual International Festival Raqs Sehri (Magic of Dance), that bring together professional and amateur artists in the field of dance, music and theater. Artists groups from Uzbekistan and various countries participate during this two days festivals. The old town streets come alive with festive atmosphere, people singing and dancing in traditional costumes.

Danoje Festival @ Gangneung; 2014 – Jun

During Gangneung Danoje, one of the South Korea‘s largest folk festival, the city becomes a festive ambiance with over 50 official events. The greatest attractions are the Gwanno Mask Play, open-air market with around a thousand shops, traditional dance, music and splendid fireworks. GangNeung Danoje festival is inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Vardavar Festival @ Yerevan; Jul – 2018

Vardavar is the most popular Festival of Armenia, where people drench each other with water. During the day of Vardavar, people are allowed to douse strangers with water. It is common to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting people walking below them.

The Leskovac Grill Festival @ Leskovac; Sept – 2018.

The Leskovac Grill Festival, a yearly grilled-meat festival organised in Leskovac, Serbia. During the event, the main boulevard is closed for traffic, night and day for five days, and many grill-stands are constructed to create temporary restaurants.

By Window on The World

In May 2017, 23 days before I was going to complete 50 years, grabbed an opportunity and took an early retirement.. Picked up a backpack and traveling ever since.. Love to travel around the world, experience different culture, local cuisine & drinks .. and take pictures.. so far been to 108 countries and still counting...

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