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Stories and Photos from my travels around Southern Europe.

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There are many definitions of Southern Europe, though once again I will use EuroVac definition of Southern Europe.

The region of Southern Europe, also called Mediterranean Europe, extends along the Mediterranean Sea on the Southern edge of Europe. Southern Europe encompasses countries of Andorra, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Northern Cyprus, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Turkey, and Vatican City. I have traveled to all of Southern Europe but Andorra.

The region of Southern Europe, because of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, enjoys a Mediterranean climate. These countries are my favorite, people here are generally warm, more relaxed and friendlier. The cultures in the region have some similar and some unique traits. All of these nations have their own official languages, Andorra is the only nation that does not have a native language, as it shares the Catalan language with portions of Spain.

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Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization, being the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, Western drama and the Olympic Games.

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islands and islets, of which only 227 islands are inhabited.

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