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Stories and Photos of Hualein and the Taroko Gorge National Park.

Destination 》Asia 》East Asia 》Taiwan

Year Visited: 2019 – April

After few days in Taipei, the capital city, I took a train to Hualein, a city on the east coast of Taiwan.

Located on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range, Hualien is considered one of the most pleasant cities in Taiwan. I visited the city to enjoy the scenery, fresh air and also to visit the famous Taroko Gorge National Park.

Photos below are from the Hualein country.

Located at the north end of Hualien City, Qixingtan (Chihsingtan) Pebble Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean.
Qingshui Cliff is a 21 kilometer long coastal cliffs averaging 800 meters above sea level. The tallest peak, Qingshui Mountain, rises 2408 meters directly from the Pacific Ocean.


Photos below are from Taroko Gorge, an impressive 19-km-long canyon, situated in Taroko Gorge National Park.

Vegetarian Lunch
Beautiful countryside on Taiwan East Coast.


Every evening the Hualien tourism organizes Aboriginal dance performances in Hualien Culture Park. There is no admission fee to watch this performance.


Shen’An, a Taoism temple, a mix of modern decor blended with traditional style.
The Starbucks made out of recycled shipping containers. very unique architecture and luxurious interior.
A local motor cyclist is reading daily news paper at the community bulletin board. I have seen this kind of News Paper Bulletin Board before in many communist countries, I was not expecting this in Taiwan.
A beautiful Manhole Cover with City’s Coat of Arms.


After few days exploring Hualien and Taroko Gorge National Park. I took a train back to Taipei.

By Window on The World

In May 2017, 23 days before I was going to complete 50 years, grabbed an opportunity and took an early retirement.. Picked up a backpack and traveling ever since.. Love to travel around the world, experience different culture, local cuisine & drinks .. and take pictures.. so far been to 108 countries and still counting...

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